FUN In the ICE

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Its so good to have friends to hang with here in New Zealand. HI


Especially when you are Ice skating <3. At first its difficult but when you get used on falling down in the ice (hahahah), but its embarrassing to fall down when there are a lot of people watching.


I really want to do Ice skating in the Philippines but I didn’t have time. Its my 1st time to do Ice Skating here in (New Zealand) and its fun. Laughing

  Here in New Zealand you will identify that person is a Filipino when you see them taking pictures around the mall Laughing .


Ice skating is fun when you have an inspiration cute eyes .



Oh I forgot to tell that She is Joni and she my friend :)blush

I fall many times in the Ice and its fun(Bwahahaha)

You should try Ice skating guys :D


Till here guys ;)

thanks for viewing






alloi said...

Yeah :D

♥ LaDy_mYx ♥ said...

yeah! :D sweet! :D

upload agad ihh :D

alloi said...

ahhaha :D thanks sa comment ^_^

Anonymous said...

MAGKANU bayad tol?

- shayne

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