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Monday, August 23, 2010


Let me start this post by thanking everyone who watch our videos




This was the making of the song “I love you” we got shy LOLINg  that’s why you only see the foot Sorry for that.




Just Want to share The song that Joni created cute eyes Titled “Hey, I Miss You”




This video was made for FUN :D



That’s all guys :D

Thanks for visiting ;)


rock music fan said...

Great videos, I'm following you on google friend connect. You can visit my Rock Music Blog later. Thanks

alloi said...

thanks ;)

♥ LaDy_mYx ♥ said...

nice! bravo bravo :D penge ng mp3 ng song na last :D mamats :D

pagpatuloy niyo yan :) LOVETH!

alloi said...

Thank you po :D

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