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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I miss?
             Its almost 3 months now, since we left Philippines. Its a bit funny that i miss the hot weather, the noise of Jeepneys and Tricycle, the foods,  Unlimited internet(because internet here has a limit >.<), Computer shops (because computer shop here is few), My bed , My Bass Guitar, and etc.
             I miss a lot of friends :( especially YFC GMA i really really miss you guys, I hope you wont forget me ;) anyway I will be always here to support you guys. Sometimes I’m still looking at our photos to bring back the memories, I miss the noise of SAM! :) Peace., I miss my bestfriend Marvin :D, and all of you guys but I can’t list you all here but you know that all of you’ve been a big part of my life . Always take care . God Bless guys;)<3
             I miss My lolo and lola(but i call them “tatay” and “nanay”) because everyday i see them in our house and they are so nice to me. My lola use to cook my favorite foods <3. I really really miss them so much.
            All my cousins i miss you all, especially CHARM, I hope(“na sana pumayat kna “)  I can’t upload all the pictures guy’s sorry :D
DSC01887  DSC01945
           In short I really really miss everything in the Philippines, maybe next year or after 2 years?
I will return Home. <3

What is happening right now? 

           1st week when we arrived here in NZ i was thinking that “It will be hard for me, because I know that I will start from nothing”. The only thing that I can talk with is my computer, I don’t have friends at the moment, Its pretty quiet here, and the time was very fast here I don’t know why?. Every night I keep thinking is this just a dream? I just want to wake up from this dream, and wake up in my bed in the Philippines( just like when I have nightmares back then). Every day I Just only do few things, Watch dvd, Watch anime, Read manga, eat, sleep, sometimes go out.
            A I want from the start is just a friends/peers. Then Diane(my classmate from grade 1-4 in PH) is saying that I should go to glenfield mall to meet her friends here in NZ,  then thats the start I meet some good and nice people there.

Glenfield College
           Then after a few days I started to study in Glenfield college as(High school again >.<) anyway I’m just adjusting to community here. So I did study at Glenfield college, at 1st its a bit hard to talk (english) until now? hahaha. I see a large group of Filipino in Glenfield College, and that's good I'm having friends.
           Its hard to talk to them at 1st because( I’m just new). Then I say to my self “ If there is another new Filipino i will always talk to him/her. Then I heard that there is a new Filipino girl that enrolled to school, then when I met her, I ask a few things a give a joke.  Her name was Gem. Then i see her in my math class she is my classmate then suddenly I say to my self, i hope she had an older sister.

This is Gem
           When I came home I search her name in facebook, then I saw her account and add her, then we got a conversation about (when did you came here in NZ?) we were just 4 days earlier to arrived here in NZ (may 15 2010)-(may 19 2010) I am really glad to know that I am not alone .
          Everyday I am always talking to her, waiting for her to get online and then I knew, she had a sister that has the same age as mine,  named “Joni” when I see her facebook “OMG cute” then I tell gem if I can add her sister on facebook.

This is Joni
           Then little by little, I am already talking to Joni in YM, at 1st I got scared because OMG costplayer, cute, have so many friends maybe she will just Snob me. But that did not happen, she is so fun to talk with. Then I know she is going library today, I’m so nervous to approach her so I tell gem that she should introduce me to her.
           I decided to go to the library that day to see Joni in person. When I arrived in the library I saw Gem and talk to her “Where is your ate?” she said “she is in the magazines area”. I felt so nervous to talk to her so I inhale deeply to be calm. Then I met Joni and introduce my self and shake her hands, she Asked “what are you doing here?” I want to say I want to meet you, but I said I'm just passing by, then me and Gem have a Chess match.
           After Joni finish reading the magazines she came watch a bit of our game and we made a few conversations, Then the library is going to be closed now. We need to go home now,  Its so nice that I  already met her and have a chance to talk to her in person.
             Almost everyday I've been waiting for her to get online, because I think I've been so happy when I'm talking to her and she always made my day complete. 2-3 weeks I made this note.

This is Joni and me


she should be smiling 1st before reading this
she is so cool and cute 
she is so interesting
she is so mysterious
she is so amazing
she is attractive
she is shy but i don’t believe it
she is my friend right now
she is my inspiration
she is the reason why i started to enjoy this new place
she is the one who always talks to me
she is not so boring to talk with
she is full of surprises
she is always in my dreams
she is the one to make me smile every single day
she is very different to any girl I’ve known
she is small but beautiful
she is the reason why i forget about my problems
she is the one who understands me
she is always in my prayers
she always listen when i am talking
she make me laugh
she smells so nice
she has been so nice to me
she listens to my comments
she has the same problem as mine
she made me realize that i'm not alone
she rides in my jokes
she is the reason why i enjoy reading books now
she is the reason why i am making this
she knows jokes too
she is always in my mind
she always laugh
she should be laughing right know
she make me feel nervous sometimes.
she is a Filipino
she can understand my language
she is too much for me
she is just the girl i've been looking for
she is reading it right know
she don't know how much i really care for her
she don't know how much i really like her
she don't know how much i want to protect her
she don't know how much i want to make her laugh
she don't know how much i am enjoying the times were together
she don't know how much i really treasure her
she don't know how much i respect her
she don't know how much i am willing to sacrifice things for her
she don't know how much i will do for her
she don't know how much i want to tell you everything i know
she don't know how much i want to hold her hands
she don't know how much i want to hug her
she don't know how much i value the words she says
she don't know how much i want to wait for her
she is the one i like
she is the one i love
she is Joni Rei Pablo
this is not enough to describe who she is to me
We are Just friends right now:)
But I will always love her.
I will just wait for the right time. <3
thats all for now ;)


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